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Satins and Silks specialise exclusively in silk and satin handbags and silk accessories, which include beautiful Handcrafted Fair Trade silk work.

The cottage industry silk shoulder handbags are designed by Satins and Silks in colour and style, and are hand embellished with embroidery work and sequins enabling sustainable communities.

Satins and Silks quintessentially English 'The Royal Collection', with Neo Heritage inspired styles, represent a classic design that is timeless, and captures the very essence of contemporary elegance for the modern woman of today.

In mixing the traditional with the modern, The Satins and Silks Collection suit all occasions and styles for the ethically conscious woman and bridge the gap between high fashion and silk accessories that are not found on the high street, further adding to the exclusiveness of the products. Satins and Silks accessories will make you look and feel elegant.
As well as from the Online Shop, Satins and Silks products are available at high end historical places of interest throughout England.
The company also deliver Talk's and presentations on 'The History of Silk in Fashion Today' to Women's social and community group's. Please see the Book a Talk and our Feedback pages for more information.
Thank you, for shopping with us and if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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