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Aftercare Information.

At Satins and Silks we want you to enjoy your beautiful handcrafted product for a long time.
Although silk tends to be considered a delicate product, it is actually quite strong, and if cared for silk can last for many years.
Just try to remember these aftercare tips:
If your silk is repeatedly exposed to the sun it can cause the fabric to fade.
Silk is a protein fibre and does not do well in extreme changes in temperature so it is best to store your silk in a cool dry place.  If you want to store your silk for a longer period, we suggest you wrap it inside a piece of cotton cloth so that it can breathe, and away from moths.
Silk scarves can be gently hand-washed with a good soap compatible with silk.
To help retain the silks true colours add ј cup of white vinegar to every 2 gallons of lukewarm/cold water.  Never twist or wring.  Rinse with cool water several times. 
Strong colour will appear to bleed.  This excess dye normally ceases after a few washings. 
To help set dye, add a few shakes of salt to the final cold rinse.
Take care of inclement weather and avoid spills or anything else that can cause silk to stain.




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